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Wood Earrings

Size Chart &  Information

Size Info:
At this time, all of our silver earrings and posts are made with standard sized ear-wires that fit in all normal pierced ears.

Our wooden earrings with posts fit comfortably and normally in 98% of pierced ears.  If your ears are recently pierced or very sensitive, you may experience discomfort due to the size of the earring post. We recommend oiling the post slightly before you put them in your ear the first time with jojoba oil or a similar gentle and natural oil to help alleviate any discomfort.
(You can also choose to purchase a set of sterling silver posts that will fit in our organic earrings with a relatively narrow space at the top, such as styes beginning with er-01 or er-16, but we do not at this time carry silver posts that will fit styles  such as er-30. Inquire by email to find out if the silver posts will fit with the style you have chosen.)

to determine your ring size, you can ask at most jewelry stores and they will be happy to assist you. Generally, rings with wider bands give the feeling of a tighter fit, and when the body is hot fingers tend to expand, giving a larger finger size, as well as shrinking when the hands are cold or dry. Please take this into account when you determine your ring size.

This fine, hand-carved Organic Jewelry is intended for use in stretched or gauged piercings. (What is a stretched or gauged piercing?) 
Some people's ears naturally stretch over time due to the wearing of large or heavy jewelry. Wether your ears are stretched naturally, professionally, or by yourself, you can use the following size chart to determine what size will work for you. 

Find the largest size jewelry you have that will fit in your ear piercing.
Measure it with a caliper or other device and compare the measurement to that listed numerically on this chart. as all computer displays are different sizes, we do not recommend that you hold the jewelry to the image for reference, as it will most likely be incorrect.