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The Vision

Why did we choose "GARUDA"?
     In 2001, when I was first starting GARUDA Organic Jewelry, I was faced with a great deal of strife and struggle, and was trying to piece together all the details of a new and socially responsible business while reclaiming parts of my spirit that were lost ....

Dealing with the irresponsible and immoral practices of importers, producers of hand-crafted items and business people left me with a sense of despair at the shape of the world. I had almost every kind of encounter possible with people who were ruled by only the dollar and had no remorse or consciousness about laying waste to anything that lay between them and more money. No one seemed to consider the needs of the highly skilled crafts people who were producing their goods, or that they were even human for that matter. Very few considered where the materials came from or how they were obtained and what impact that has on the planet and life as we know it. It seemed the whole world around me was about getting things cheap, fast, and now and then turning around to sell it for as much as possible with zero liability to the society from where it came. I was very discouraged and disheartened when I began to see all this....

After a much needed spiritual awakening brought on by bountiful internal struggle and contemplation, I rose like a Phoenix, and in while South-East Asia, the closest animal to it, the Garuda, came to me in my dreams night after night, bringing me solace and strength. It was a gift from the spirits of the island, I accepted it with great reverence, and realized it IS possible to operate a business in a morally and socially just manner while still maintaining responsibility to our mother, the Earth.
    The energy of Garuda is forever enshrined in GARUDA Organic Jewelry policy and practices. We strive to produce and maintain a socially just atmosphere in all of our actions, from the sources of our materials to the practices in our production and all other steps on the way to deliver this fine Silver & Organic Jewelry to you. Life and Living is our first consideration from our material choices to our employment policy. 

We hope the energy of life and love invincible comes to you through the love that is put in every step of our business...

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